octubre 28, 2011

Will you two cut it out? And tell what is really all about


Para variar, estoy un poquito apurada escribiendo esto, tengo que estar lista para irme al trabajo como en 40 minutos más!... Ayer salí del trabajo como a la 1 de la mañana, trabajo en un restaurant, habían 2 eventos y las últimas personas que quedaban no se iban nunca!. Finalmente llegué sana y salva a mi casa a las 2:30 a.m. Bueno hoy les quiero mostrar unos close up que tomé hace unos días sobre mi "atuendo" jaja. También les voy adjuntar un videito más para que se entretengan mientras leen esto, quizás?
Es una lástima que el día está tan soleado y bello y yo tengo que prepararme para la fría noche que me espera al salir del restaurant... No me gusta llevar muchas capas de ropa!
Abrazos y espero que tengan todos un increíble fin de semana.

I'm a little hurry writing this, I have to be ready to go to work as in 40 minutes! ... Yesterday I left work at 1 am, working in a restaurant means that you have to wait until everyone is gone to close the place, there were 2 events and the last people who were left were not going ever!. Finally I arrived safely to my house at 2:30 am. Alright.
  Well today I want to show a close up I took a few days ago about my "outfit" hehe. I will also attach a videito for you to be entertained as you read this, perhaps?
It is a pity that the day is so sunny and beautiful and I have to prepare for the cold night waiting for me to leave the restaurant ... I just really don't like to wear many layers!
Wish you all an amazing weekend.

Shoes - Flea market, jacket - mom's old closet, shorts - second hand and DIY, shirt - Americanino.

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Monse Fuentes dijo...

que lindas fotos, te quedaron muy buenas :)


Uliana dijo...

Love your shorts! And shoes, oh my :)


Sabrina dijo...

Gorgeous! Love this outfit ♥

margarita ts dijo...

love the belt!!
amazing blog!

Angel Garcia dijo...

Haha blogging before work? Nice! I am loving the boots by the way..

All the best, ~Angel

S dijo...

Great outfit, especially shorts and shirt!

Marreilou dijo...

I used to complain when I left work at 9pm, but after reading your post I think that I will never do it anymore.

p.s.: Love your shoes, I have almost the same one xoxo

Marielleheart dijo...


Fátima Payán dijo...

los botines se ven padrisimos

GlamorousGirl dijo...

love your look!


Sick by Trend dijo...

me encanta tu camisa.. precioso el color!! Te sigo! :D

Pasate por mi blog y sigueme si te gusta! :D


Ten buen fin de semana!


devorelebeaumonstre. dijo...



MyStrictCooLook dijo...

Love it, everything is in the "suggestion"..... <3

Eunicia Balaj dijo...

Lovely photos! Check out my blog when you have a chance <3


lp dijo...

loving your shorts and shoes! ♥

lots a love,